Margarita Machine

Margarita Machine

Age Group: If serving alcohol - ages 21 and up

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This is a commercial grade Margarita Machine that keeps your event the talk of the party. Once you've added the appropriate mixes, just flip the switch to on and it will freeze in an hour's time. With this machine you do not have to worry about it freezing up because it will maintain the same temperature throughout its usage. If your event is going on for hours, continue to fill the hopper with your mix so that it will keep a constant supply of froxzen drinks without running out. On the front of the machine is a low mix indicator which will light up once it is nearing the end of your servings. At that point you may turn the on switch the opposite direction to clean the machine, or add mix once again to the desired portions. You may also turn the switch to on, on the right side of the machine, which will keep the mix in the hopper chilled, allowing it to freeze more quickly inside the cylinder. Keep the lid on the hopper to prevent dust etc. from getting into the drinks. 

Upon ordering you get a complimentary mix along with 50 8 oz cups for your servings, as well as 50 straws. Be sure to order more mixes if your party is hosting more than the complimentary servings. Enjoy

 The choices of flavors are Margarita Lime, Strawberry Daquiri, and any of the slush mixes shown in supplies and add ons in this site.  For an additional 50 servings it is only an additional $19.00. Remeber to keep any under age persons from drinking frozen drinks with liquor. We do not carry a liquor license and you are responsible for buying your own liquors, and pouring them into the mix. Another option here is to rent this frozen drink machine and provide slushes for the under aged persons, and then you can add your alcohol of choice to the slush in your cup individually. Let's get this party started!