20ft. Water Slide with Over Sized Pool

20ft. Water Slide with Over Sized Pool

Setup area: 40x20x25

Age Group: Recommended ages of 6 and up

Actual Size: 30x15x20

Outlets: 2


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Here we have a giant water slide measuring 20 Ft. High and 30 ft long! Kids are extremely excited upon seeing this unit and even more excited when sliding down, for it is a fast ride. During the summer they don't want to ever get off of it. Starting at the front of it is an oversized pool that is not only great for catching you as you slide down, but often the kids and even adults like to wade and splash around in it. As you walk around it you can see that the sides inflate more outwards for added stability for the tall standing slide. When you're brave enough to climb up you will see a soft ladder embedded in the floor as you climb up. On both sides of you while climbing you are surrounded by high walls to prevent accidental falls. In addition, going up the ladder on the side walls there are vynil railings that you hold onto to help you climb and keep your footing the whole time. Once you've finally made it to the top there is a back wall with an overhang again to prevent anyone from going in any wrong directions. As you approach the downward slope of the water slide, there is a netting covering the top about 5 feet down that provides a little shade and extra security to prevent any stunts that are against safety regulations. Also the water hose drapes across this netting, providing a constant stream of water to keep the ride down slippery and fast. Once you've reached the end of the water slide you are instantly cooled off by more water in the pool that is about 1 1/2 ft. deep. Once you've stood up and want to go again, there is a low area to climb up on leading back to the ladder, as well as two low points to exit the pool if you want to get out. Enjoy!